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Because it requires UV light to cure, this stain stays wet for quite a while. I applied it with a brush, and because of the long working time, there are no lap marks between brush strokes. I found it very easy to apply. I timed this project around the many hot, sunny, rain-free weeks we had in early September.

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I love being able to see the grain of the wood again. The surface wood was looking so worn and beat up after being completely open and uncoated for over a year.

Best Way To Apply Thompson Water Seal How To Seal A Deck

A few more notes and observations: Some of the decking boards still had old green stain in the grain of the wood after sanding:. The same was true for some of the cracks between deck boards in the floor — there was no way to sand any remaining green stain off the edges without removing boards from the deck.

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With a screwdriver, I nudged some of these plastic-y strips away, and the wood underneath them had also been stained chestnut brown. I was impressed by this. Another stair had the original grey Olympic stain I stained the deck with 11 years ago guess I missed that one the last time around! I figured that was okay though, as I had some other projects in mind once the deck was complete.

Did my blog seem quieter over the past few weeks? Neither of these things had been stained before, so it was interesting to compare how much the stain soaked into the wood for each project. However, the same stain soaked into the climber like a sponge. Even though I used the same chestnut color of One Time for all three projects, look at the color difference between the deck and the climber:. That post is here. I used it once too.

Only the first time. Burnt once, but not twice. The old formula used to soak in extremely well and show off the grain of wood. I used up that old can of waterseal this year, and when I opened a new can, it was white like milk, thicker and difficult to work into the wood. It does not soak into the wood nearly as well as the old, now apparently discontinued, formula did. I thought this was pretty sneaky, because the cans look almost the same. Take a look at the top of our swing frame.

The old-formula Thompsons, a great product, darkens the grain of the wood nicely and soaks in rapidly. See the difference? I sure can. I shared the same issues. I want to send you a photo of what I did to my deck — and I am loving it! Please do — you can email me at jill supercouponing. I read about this product in my Bottom Line publication last year. We were too busy most of the summer. Found out my mom has stage four cancer a couple months ago, and my husband dislocated his shoulder a month ago, so we will have to wait till spring.

Keep us posted how it holds up! BTW Bottom Line is a great publication with all sorts of infomation on a variety of subjects. Hammars, thanks for the link — another positive review! Family comes first!

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I will definitely share how the One Time holds up through the winter and beyond. No peeling, no chipping, and the color has stayed true on the deck. I do need to post new photos soon! I am a huge fan of Behr. I found your blog whilst researching the One Time deck stain. I really appreciate your detailed analysis of this product as well as the photographs. I am considering using this product on our new deck built last summer; now needs to be sealed.

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Much of it has limited sun exposure. Do you have any insight into this?

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Your deck looked fully exposed to the sun…. Yes, our deck is in full sun and cured pretty well. From what I have read, it does indeed require UV light to cure, but it does not need direct sun. As long as it is outside receiving outdoor light from the sun, it should cure, but it will take longer. If this stain were applied fully indoors, it would not cure.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I also have been tearing my hair out looking for a good deck staain since the new VOC restrictions. This sounds like a very good bet, I will try it. Wash it. Let dry. They are mostly 2 in 1 and require 2 or more coats. In a couple of years depending on if the sealer is flaking you'll have to sand down to wood or lightly sand then seal again if it's just fading. Thompson Water Seal is your friend! I use just the the plain Jane version, not the one that comes premixed with stain.


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Best is when the wood was new to treat it with coats and then stain. The majority of stain available these days are acrylic base, oil based stains are now very hard to find and very expensive. Opaque stains will give you the the best protection to the elements and transparent stains providing mid protection. I got a new wood gazebo completed just yesterday. This thread did come up at the right time. A quick question: The above steps show Sealing and then Staining.

Is it really that way or Staining and then sealing? What one person might recommend, another will say it's bad and it peels in a year or 2 and then it's a lot of work. There's also the Sikkens Cetol DEK that is oil based and costs double , but not sure if that requires 1 or 2 coats.

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