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You might expect millennials, an important market for quick service restaurants, to prefer receiving your offers online. But a recent Ipsos study reveals that the youngest group of consumers have the highest preference for receiving coupons by direct mail 61 per cent than all other age groups. Unwanted email is spam, online ads get blocked, but menus and food coupons — because they offer immediate value — are welcome. So much so, that 73 per cent of millennials report regularly using direct mail coupons.

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The Ipsos research also discovered that millennials expect higher coupon values than other groups. And, because mailing them is so affordable, coupon-centred campaigns typically have a high return on investment.

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Then Pizza Hotline sent copies of its regular flyer menu to these new addresses. Sales increased 16 percent within the first week — and a new block of customers was created. Millennials, for instance, patronize restaurants during off-peak hours much more frequently than other generations.

Use specific or time-sensitive offers to try and capitalize on this tendency. Increase the success of your direct mail campaign using coupons or other special offers with these three tips:. Many people who receive your postcard or menu will still check out your website before they visit your restaurant or place an order.

And if the coupon is specifically for one of your most popular dishes, that means your guest is getting to try the best of the best first. The solution? Always be upselling. Everything is digital and therefore controlling who receives the coupon is muddy. You still have the option to buy ad space in your local paper and depending on your area it could be effective , but putting out your coupons online could reach more people where they search and at less advertising cost to you.

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Restaurant coupons immediately add to your per dish costs. On a large scale, that can turn into major dips in your profit while the coupons are valid.

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  • On top of that, coupons put your servers at a disadvantage because a smaller check is likely to mean a smaller tip for the same amount of work.