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Deals: Cube 20% Off Sale. Core M i7 Stylus For $276 & i7 Book $333

Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses Started Aug 25, Discussions. Forum Threaded view. Aug 25, Does anyone know what could be different about these cards? Thank you. Check this page, it looks like it is an extreme pro, but I don't know what that means. Challenges might improve my photography, but they certainly do improve my file search. Monicakm wrote: Thank you Steve, you're right!

I always get the full regular packaging NOT the Frustration free one from Amazon -- hide signature Stakeouttoo's gear list: Stakeouttoo's gear list. F Forum M My threads. You may also like. Which has the best lens? Compare leading 1" sensor compacts with our studio scene comparison tool. Latest sample galleries.

First, contact the seller to let the seller know there's a problem. Most problems can be worked out with a simple email or phone call. If you're not able to work things out with the seller, we recommend you open a case. We'll ask you a few questions and then contact the seller. If the seller doesn't make things right, we'll review the case.

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If you didn't receive an item you paid for, you'll usually receive a full refund plus original shipping costs through the payment processing company. Keep in mind that timing is important. You can open a case 26 business days after making payment. If you received an item, but it doesn't match the seller's description, you can open a case now. You must open a case within 60 days of the end of the listing. I've never left feedback, but I do leave feedback on eBay.

Just never tried to figure out how to leave feedback on Amazon. I'm sure it's simple. This could be a case where the site is such an unknown that people don't bother to leave feedback. At the very least, if you did not receive the item, you could ultimately get a refund. I would ask the buyer that you make sure you sign for the package at the very least. Prior to signing, open the package. If it isn't what it's suppose to be, don't sign.

The abundance of deals on the site should make people more suspicious. If it were really offering discount prices on new games don't you think people would have noticed it more by now? Take your chances if you're willing to try to get a refund from your payment processor but I would personally hold off. Dragon's Crown is not a very good game anyway. Posted 13 August - AM.

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I'm sure you play only the best of the best games right? Just cause you don't like it doesnt mean it's not good. And it's a very good game btw compared to what is offer for a beat em up nowadays. God I miss this genre so much.

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I don't think it's impossible, but I wouldn't trust them. Also I agree that Dragon's Crown is not this super amazing game, though it's fun for the genre.

Dealscube! BUYER BEWARE!!!

Sure the statement is true, but being better than Declassified and Burning Skies is not an impressive feat in any right. Never heard of this site. I was looking to pick it up locally over the weekend but couldn't get it even at Gamestop. Just looked though and appears all local stores were restocked according to the devils website.

Daily Deals: Cube Sales and More | MapleStory

Honestly, when I see deals like this I think of one thing: Trucks carrying loads of video games being hijacked in Eastern European countries. That does happen, ya' know.

Runners vs Zentorno's (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

When compared to Muramasa I would say that is true. The game has nice art, but it looks really generic for the setting and doesn't have the same depth or charm seen in Muramasa. Purchased it, received it from some random overseas online store. It was the normal version of the game. E-mailed the seller and he just simply sent me the right edition at no cost, gift-wrapped from Toys-R-Us, and didn't want me to return the normal copy. Everything screamed shady, made sure to check my credit card statements frequently.

Everything turned out all right, but I wouldn't do it again. Posted 20 August - AM. I see my comment about Dragon's Crown being so-so sparked a bit of conversation!